For now and the future

This is the new way to do accounting: virtual, accessible, and professional. Our plans give you the best of both worlds – access to the latest cloud-based systems, plus a team of friendly accountants that make sure the human side is still there. Here’s everything you get with Xen.

An open conversation

We like to make sure we’re a good fit for each other before we get down to the numbers. Once you get in touch, we’ll schedule a call (on the house) over Zoom to get to know each other better. If we decide to partner up, we’ll keep the conversation going, and eventually work out a tailored plan that alleviates your company’s specific pain points.

An open conversation

Easy onboarding

Let us smooth out the transition. We’ll get you set up with all the tech, streamline your new accounting process, and keep you in the loop as we move forward. You’ll then meet your dedicated team of accountants, and away we go.

No need to chase us down – our team will check in regularly over the first quarter to get in front of any issues.

Easy onboarding

The best tech, backed by the best people

The cloud accounting applications we use are some of the best on the market – they’ll automate parts of the accounting process, allowing for a completely paperless system. Of course, technology makes things efficient, but it’s the people that do the real work – our staff will show you how everything works, and are always on call if you have any questions.

We’ll also start a conversation about what your tailored plan may look like, work through ideas, and then nail everything down so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

The best tech, backed by the best people

Sustainable growth

We love when our clients are growing successfully. When you scale, we scale with you: we can help you at every stop along the business cycle, and adjust the accounting process when required so you can focus on growth.

Sustainable growth

Get started


Start a conversation

Let’s get to know each other – fill out a simple online questionnaire and we’ll schedule a free Zoom call. We’ll get to know your business better, and explore whether we’re the right fit for one another.


Showing you the way

If we decide to work together after our discovery call, we’ll have a second free call to walk you through our process, familiarize you with the apps we use, and discuss a plan that’s tailored to your company’s needs – both for the immediate and the future.


Kicking things off

Onboarding can be a little scary, but we’ll handle the process from A-Z for you. We’ll introduce you to your new team of dedicated accountants, then give you a little refresher on how the process works and how to use the different technologies. Now’s when things really take off: we start handling your day-to-day accounting so you can focus on growing your business.


Checking up

Our goal is to continually make improvements to our process to best meet your company’s needs. Over the first few months we’ll check up regularly to ensure you are fully comfortable with the new setup, and make any necessary tweaks to make sure things are as efficient and lean as possible.