Xen Accounting Selected by Intuit Canada to be a Member of its Accountant Council

Montreal, Quebec — January 30, 2015. Xen Accounting, today announced that it has been chosen by Intuit Canada as one of the members of the Canadian Accountant Council. Inclusion in the Canadian Accountant Council signifies leadership amongst its peers in the accounting profession in Canada in regards to using game-changing approaches and innovative technologies towards accounting services.

“It’s an honor to be acknowledged by Intuit and to be a part of their first ever Canadian Accountant Council,” said Ryan Lazanis, CPA, CA, founder of Xen Accounting  “We are working closely with our partners to help deliver truly pain-free accounting services for small business owners who are tired of being frustrated by their accounting.”

Xen Accounting also sees this as a big opportunity to help mold the direction of the accounting profession and to define what it is to be a modern accounting practice in the digital age.

“Being a part of the council allows us to have our say with regards to how some of the accounting technology and software is shaped. This in turn has an impact on the profession and we feel that it’s time for the accounting profession in Canada to undergo a modernization. We’re extremely excited!” Ryan added.

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Xen Accounting is a virtual accounting firm designed for modern day small business owners with one goal in mind: to create a truly pain-free accounting experience. Through technology and a forward-thinking approach, Xen Accounting is focusing on delivering professional accounting services for businesses in the digital age. To contact Xen Accounting, please email info@xenaccounting.com.

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