Martin Jurak, CPA Candidate

Martin Jurak, CPA Candidate


Hey there!

I’m Martin, an accountant here at Xen. Born and raised in “the Six,” which is where I have called home most of my life. I’ve dabbled in and have experience with everything from Investment Banking to Tech to Consulting, but Accounting is where I found my “home” thanks to a few inspirational teachers and professors I’ve had over the years.

Prior to Xen, I worked at a Big 4 firm where the hours were long and the culture was “tired and old.” The processes and methodologies were built for someone starting in the early 2000s, not the roaring 2020s.

What drew me into Xen was the forward-thinking business model of a 21st-century accounting firm with modern technologies, where I work with some fantastic co-workers and neat clients that embrace a true work-life balance and a flexible work arrangement.

Outside of work you will most likely find me maximizing my credit card points and miles to travel somewhere while enjoying my hobbies such as biking, hiking, skiing, swimming, and enjoying all that nature has to offer. I also like to keep up with the current trends in the world along with the evolving crypto space.

J’espère que mon temps à Xen me permettra de pratiquer mon français parce que je travaille pour une entreprise basée à Montréal.

-Written somewhere over the Midwest at 37,000 ft while flying Air Canada