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How to read a balance sheet

Do you know how to read your balance sheet? Well you should!

Crowdfunding - Money tree

Crowdfunding has gotten the attention of the CRA

After pondering the ways that you can raise money, you determine that one of the more recent internet-based methods, crowdfunding, is most appropriate. But this money is far from free. In fact, as of last week in a direct tax interpretation, the Canada Revenue Agency has directly commented on crowdfunding saying that it’s taxable.

What is online accounting ?

What is online accounting?

As our first blog post, we at Xen Accounting would like to introduce ourselves and also welcome you to the beautiful world of online accounting! Exciting isn’t it? Well, not exactly for most of you out there… Accounting has always been seen as a boring, frustrating and let’s face it, less than fun type of necessary evil that all businesses have to deal with.

But the tide is turning, feathers are being ruffled and times are changing…

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