Joey Steben, CPA, CA

Joey Steben, CPA, CA

Managing Director

[email protected]

Hey there,

My name is Joey Steben, I am a CPA Auditor, CA with a variety of experience spanning over 7 years. Prior to joining the Xen squad, I gained experience in industries including manufacturing, wholesale and distribution and retail…both from an audit point of view as well as a controller inside the company. I’ve also spent some time as a forensic accountant, where I participated in fraud investigations, as well as investigations into corruption, collusion and bribery. My time as a forensic accountant also allowed me to publish an article on fraud in real estate which opened up my eyes on the importance of professional skepticism and thorough due diligence.

I believe that accounting in itself is a fundamental component in all businesses and a grasp of accounting allows for a greater understanding of the mechanics of a business. That was the key reason I chose to become a CPA; I have a passion both for learning about different industries and how that industry works as well as for helping small businesses grow and flourish by identifying areas in which they can tweak, apply certain structure, control or framework, which will allow the business to jump to another level.

I joined Xen as Xen’s business model falls perfectly in line with my passion for helping small businesses succeed. At the personal level, I am an advocate for a clean environment and wildlife conservation. I truly hope that one day I can contribute my professional skills to society to help in those areas. In the meantime, while I build those skills, I take care of my 2 dogs (a Great Dane and an Alaskan Klee Kai…better described as a mini husky). I also love sports, including soccer, ball hockey and golf all of which I have been playing since I was a kid. I managed to play for some pretty competitive soccer teams back in the day, and have been a medalist at 2 national championships. Lastly, when time permits, I like to head up north to my family’s cottage to enjoy the great outdoors, or travel to remote destinations and learn about different cultures. In a nutshell, I don’t fit the stereotypical bean counter, but rather a dude who likes to meet and help people, whether it be in business or in sports or anywhere else for that matter.