Heather Levchuk, PCP

Heather Levchuk, PCP

Payroll Manager

Hello, my name is Heather and I am a certified Payroll Compliance Specialist. PCP; working remotely from Dundas, Ontario.

My career journey has been a winding road, each opportunity has provided me with skill, knowledge, or experience, pushing me to the next challenge. I have worked in many industries, retail, IT, biomedical engineering, education, and food production, to name a few.

My recent path started as a bakery business owner, I am a pastry chef (bread specialist), building a bakery from the ground up and nurturing it for 5 years. This experience evolved into bakery production manager and then into cloud accounting, controlling, and payroll. I found a love in the rhythm and precise nature of payroll, it is akin to baking bread. A repetitive science.

I believe in living every moment; my moments have become more precious with the addition of granddaughters. I still balance this joy with baking, music, hiking, and riding my road bike on long country roads.

Through these journeys, I have always been a teacher and love the opportunity to share and gain knowledge from others. When I can I mentor small business owners, teach the nuances of road riding or share the joys of sourdough.

The key to success is always looking ahead while keeping your feet grounded in the present. I enjoy the process of learning, improvement, and success for my colleagues and clients.