Fieja Sardar

Fieja Sardar


Hello! I am Fieja Sardar, and I am an accountant here at Xen. I have 3+ years of experience in accounting, both traditional and non-traditional.

For me, the change to cloud accounting was very exciting because it’s an area where I always held an interest. Xen uses various platforms and applications that serve their own purpose but also applies efficiency to daily accounting needs – this helps me go above and beyond my expectations for how we can make accounting better each day.

Xen has allowed me to grow as an employee of the company and as a person, too. I get to work with great people that share similar interests and ideas. The remote work aspect allows me to pursue my passion for travel while keeping the distance short to my family, friends, and my little cat.

Apart from long walks on the beach and stuff, I love to experience nature through hiking, trying new restaurants to eat delicious food, and indulging in a good book. I am always inclined to try new things such as yoga or pursue areas where I have a curiosity to learn such as astrophotography. There is no saying if I will pick up a new interest tomorrow, but I know that I will look for ways to manifest it into a reality for me if I have one. This lets me be the best version of myself while creating the standard for the outlook I have on life – and I will achieve it.